What Is OSCEdays?

Who Are We?

And What Do We (Want To) Do?

The Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) is an open group of people that started in 2015 with a global event (see history page) promoting Open Source as the key driver for a Circular Economy. Since then people in over 100 cities across the globe got active and discussed and developed Open Source Circular Economy through practical hands on activities.

In 2017 the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship ran a couple open strategy sessions to revisit what was learned and achieved in the first 3 years and set the project ready for it’s future by defining it’s values, vision and future outcomes. The results of this sessions are shared below. They explain best what we are for.

Part of future of OSCEdays will be the set up of a formal organisation. The legal form of this is being discussed and developed right now.

The global project is built by the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship which collaborates online and meets every two weeks in a video call to get some work done. This group is open for newcomers. If you like to become a part of it, say hi and meet us. We are looking forward to meeting you.


OSCEdays Values

Openness – Collaboration – Passion – Innovation




A global ecosystem of resilient local circular economies bound by the spirit of openness, collaboration, diversity and motivation for a thriving planet and fairer society.



We use and explore open source practices to create, socialize and distribute solutions globally to build local circular economies.



What Is “Open Source Circular Economy”?

OSCEdays creates it’s own definition of Circular Economy. It is a definition that is in constant development but always circles around some key concepts of openness, sustainability, equality and so on. Check it here.

Part of that definition is a diagram explaining Open Source Circular Economy (OSCE). This is also still in development. You can join the process here.

When the project was started our 2015 mission statement explained why Circular Economy needs to be combined with Open Source.


Outcomes & Outputs – What Will The Project Do!

Based on the values, vision and mission OSCEdays is on track to achieve certain “outcomes” (the difference we want to make in the world). Each of these outcomes are connected to “outputs”. Outputs describe concrete results from projects and activities of the OSCEdays. Put together they describe what we actively work on or will work on in the future:

‘OSCE is embedded in society and is a mainstream and natural approach at all levels.’

  • Body of knowledge through practical research and projects
  • Communities, leaders champions, ambassadors, activists
  • Examples of change by organisations in favor of Open Source Circular Economy

‘Collaboration between people and communities providing OSCE tools, methods, and processes to achieve the UN SDGs’

  • Systematically documented freely available solutions
  • Strong and Open Tools For Circular Collaboration
  • Open Source Circular Economy creates meaningful, fair-paid and decent jobs

‘All human-based products and processes use resources within planetary boundaries, enrich the biosphere and benefits society.’

  • Products are designed and made based on open source circular economy standards
  • Significant amount of global manufacturing is through open source circular economy peer production
  • Support the development of Open Databases for sustainable/circular materials and how to use them properly


Join Us!

OSCEdays is a project that favours Openess. All collaboration and development of it can be followed on our forum where we engage in open and transparent workflows (Read more here: The way we work in the OSCEdays, or: What Is Open Source?

We invite you to work with us there. Create content, contribute to discussions and make things happen. As an OSCEdays community member, ambassedor or part of the Board Of Stewardship.

Find Out More About The Project Here Under / HISTORY

Thank You