Waste to Product
This first Amsterdam edition we dedicate the OSCE 2015 Days to Waste to Product and Upcycling. We want to turn waste into syngas and produce, demand driven, materials and products of the highest quality and lowest ecological footprint. Our main focus is on the building industry, responsible for 40% of the waste production in the Netherlands. We want to develop a circular building material set, to decline the amount of waste produced by the industry. To do so, we will setup a range of upcycling installations.
Upcycling Installations
Our upcycling installations will turn waste into syngas. From this syngas we need to create new materials and products. The output of the installation depends on the input. For instance we want to create synthetic wood from discarded cellulose. In this case the question is; how do we create a material with the same characteristics as wood but with improved application possibilities from syngas?
From buzz to action
Lately the Circular Economy really has become a buzz. That’s great but we have created enough awereness and reports by now. We need to come out of the ‘buzz-phase’. The time has come to join forces, share ideas, learn from eachother and act! To do so, we will launch The Waste Transformation NetworkWe need you to join us. Your background is not relevant, it’s about your willingness to put ideas into action.

The OSCE Day Amsterdam will take place on the 12th June between 14:00-16:00 at ENGINN Incubator. We invite you for two hours of packed input from the Circular Company on their challenge of Waste to Energy and Waste to Products with invited guests and circular economy companies from the region Amsterdam and Haarlemmermeer Schiphol.
ENGINN is located at Taurusavenue 100, 2132 LS Hoofddorp. You can reach ENGINN easily by public transport via train station Hoofddorp or via bus 300/310 within 5 minutes from Schiphol airport (get off at bus station Hoofddorp Beukenhorst and walk 2 minutes). The event will be free of charge, but limited to 40 people. Please register via Gunter Wehmeyer or contact us for specific questions.
Enginn Amsterdam




Geert Reitsma
Chief Executive Officer
The Circular Company

Background in material science in high-end industries with clients like Airbus, Boeing, Fokker, NAM, Rijkswaterstaat, Royal Airforce, Royal Navy and Shell.

Nowadays I use my knowledge and experience to enable the transformation of waste into new materials and to facilitate the Circular Economy. This is by far the most challenging job I ever had.

Niels Wagemaker
Chief Business Development Officer
The Circular Company

Background in Greenpeace, residential building construction and ICT entrepreneur/investor. Sustainable development has always been a natural step for me.

In 1997 I built my house from used building materials. Using brand new resources and materials isn’t always necessary, it’s a result of modern capitalism. Let’s use what we already have first.

Anna Chojnacka

Director at Enginn: The Schiphol Area incubator for innovation and sustainable solutions. Co-founder and Director at 1%CLUB, Co-founder and director at OutBox, Co-founder and board-member at NaiLab. Author of ‘De Poolster’ (Luitingh-Sijthof, September 2013).

Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing, Collective Intelligence, Making Things Happen, ‘The Next Level’.

Gunter Wehmeyer
Founding Director
Department of Wilderness

Background in Landscape Urbanism/Urban Design/Eco-Design, social innovation, Infra Renewal. Fusing urbanism, design thinking and innovation strategy I am fueled with solving complex challenges in the fields of Urbanism, City Innovation and Green Infrastructure.

“It´s the age of the practical idealist. A feral responsibility for being different!”