An Open Design Challenge from iFixit

Repairability Scores

iFixit — ‘The free repair guide for everything, written by everyone.’

We are very excited to announce iFixit as our sponsor and partner for the OSCEdays 2015!

At OSCEdays our mission is to bring open source principles to bear on the circular economy. We believe that, if the circular economy is about restoration, then repair is one of the best options to achieve this. Our contemporaries over at iFixit have been working hard to extend the life of products by building a global community that shares repair know-how.

“iFixit is the R&D department for the repair community!”

Later this week we have a special video message from iFixit co-founder and CEO, Kyle Wiens, to the OSCEdays community! Kyle sets out an open challenge to all designers to enable repairable products.

iFixit’s work makes a compelling case for more collaborations between original equipment manufacturers and the repair community, showing inspiring examples of how open source circular economy has worked for iFixit!

“What’s interesting about [the repair movement] is that the circular economy is happening around these companies’ products whether they’re participating or not.”

Metrics to assess repairability and durability — such as iFixit’s smartphone repairability index — are fundamental to fully understanding and building the case for repairability and durability. This is important because up until recently, there has been very little work in this area.

As well as facilitating better product design, iFixit advocate for better policies for products that last. Along with its partners at the European Environment Bureau and RReuse, iFixit have written a joint mission statement to promote the repairability and durability of products. You can read more here.

Tune in for Kyle’s video message to the OSCEdays on Sunday.

Image: Courtesy of iFixit available here: