And here is how it went…!


Kids with the team

Kids: Elise Buljovcic, Kitty Clark, Shad Lokman, Elisabeth Forsyth, Mateo Freychet, Morten Godfrey, Helene Haga, Gauri Khade, Ingeborg Reksten, Aida Solaty, Gnapika Vuchuru.

Team: Barbora Perichta, Hans August Wade, Marta Krakus

Friday 12th of June we gathered together very early at the BAS (Bergen School of Architecture)to be ready  to welcome our guests, one class of happy 11 – 12 years old kids from the International School in Bergen. There was a a long day waiting for us, with lectures, art, singing and fun!

First we had a little presentation, when we got known with all of the children and presented our self as well. Then it was time for creating a song together! The whole workshop was about waste and what is happening with everything we throw away, so the song was related to this topic. But the great thing was teamwork! The song was made both by kids from Bergen and Hydra in Greece.It was amazing to see how we can work and have fun together. Thanks to the Skype we could connect with the school there and have a conversation with them. It was a great experience for kids to present them self, see and sing for each other.











Lecture with Beathe Pletten (BIR – Bergen Waste Management)

about the journey of waste


Bergen and Hydra connecting with each other


So much fun!

And here is the song we created. We had our common chorus, then each of the classes created their own verses.

Cans! Bottles!

Don’t throw them away recycle!recycle!

Hydra’s gonna be ok!


We’re on a mission to save our land and we will start from this island!

Sing with me, reduce the trash otherwise our earth will crash

Cans! Bottles!

Don’t throw them away recycle! recycle!

Hydra’s gonna be ok!


We have a lake near our school

where there is trash which isn’t cool.

Plastic, paper, glass and tin,

Put them in the right recycling bin.

After a great conversation with Hydra there was time for making some art out of waste! Both schools, in Bergen og Hydra were collecting lids from PET bottles in a one moth so we now could make a mosaic from all of them. Since there were many different bottles our artworks became very colorful. As we live in Norway it had to be something norwegian, that’s why kids decided to make a picture of fjords, mountains with snow on the top, a little farm and a waterfall, typical for our landscape. Hydras mosaic was a picture of a fish. Here is how they looked like:



Bergen – more then 500  lids.

Hydra – more then 2000 lids.

To join the lids together we used clips we got sponsored by BIR, from France. We were all proud of the work we made! And with this mosaic we finished our workshop. That was a great day and amazing experience for all of us!

We could see how much fun we can have if we just follow our fantasy and that the waste we throw away can always become something new and interesting!

Thanks to Hydra for a great teamwork!

And to everybody who took part in this event!



plastic lids         plastic lids



The kids from International School of Bergen and Kamini School on Hydra Island in Greece will participate in our event on 12th June 2015, which will take place in Bergen School of Architecture.


The event started up as diploma project of Barbora Perichtova, student of Bergen School of Architecture, dealing with redefining waste as a social connector.

Diploma project_zero -waste Hydra


How much of waste do we produce and what kind?  Try to capture today’s waste!

~ Monitoring waste in shared household by 12 students, Bergen, Norway



UPCYCLING_creative designers




Marta Krakus

From Poland.

Living and studying in Norway, Pedagogy. Works with kids and theater.

Get inspired by the youngest ones and their fantasy.


Barbora Perichta

From Slovakia.

Master student at BAS (Bergen School of architecture)

Making her diploma about redefining waste as a social connector.

In meeting people she meets architecture.






From Norway.

Second year at High School, St. Paul Gymnas. Works with kids.

His smooth moves can move art and you heart.

Teams guitarist.











logo_school                             Class pyramid photo



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Our sponsor & partner

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for further questions get in touch with:

Barbora Perichta <barbora.perichta@gmail.com>

more info soon