Hola todxs!

Here you can find a link to the webpage with information related to OSCE days Bilbao satellite event : http://oscedaysbilbao.hotglue.me/

During 3 days we will be working around 3 nodes with local people (about 15 participants) from different local agents, crafts-wo-men / artists / technologists , people from the Barrio Bilbao La Vieja, San Fran and Zabala (local district or local area in Spanish), and invitees from France, Uk and China : LasMujeres (textil projects with women from the barrio), Estudio14 (social textile),  Birika (acuaponics and permaculture), BBmakers (DIT pop education) , Asociacion Zubietxe (local integration of migrants and refugees), Wikitoki (laboratory of collaborative practice), Clément Renaud (clementrenaud.com), HongYuan QU (3rdhand.co), David Bovill (https://www.pinterest.com/fortyfoxes/), Lydie Camblan (Poc La Girafe), Pierre Grangé Praderas (OpenBeeLab).

The 3 NODES will be:

  • Textil Social” : telling local women stories throught the process of weaving sandals, and more.
  • Vegetal Urbano” : talking with plants through a sistem mixing up acuaponics and sound visualization.
  • Dispensador de Libros“: a distributor of second-hand books made out of a second-hand fridge.


Calendar Event activities

Resources, Organisation & Documentation

Feel (super) free to get in touch with:  Habib Belaribi (habib.belaribi@gmail.com) & Gabriela de Sagarminaga: (gsagarminaga@gmail.com) !

Special thanks to Bilbao Ekintza , Institut Français and Wikitoki for their support.