Post-event updates on what we achieved:

Day 1:  We talked to representatives of the Ministry of Environment and of the Ministry of Economy, ARCUB, the Academy of Economic Studies and entrepreneurs on how to promote the circular economy in a more systemic way. We wanted to uncover opportunities for collaboration in a Bucharest- wide platform. ARCUB and ASE have taken this forward and plan to develop a cooperation platform for sustainable development projects in Bucharest.  

Day 2:  We gathered in a brainstorming workshop together with textiles and clothing companies from the Romanian Textiles Cluster, sustainability experts and many designers interested in up-cycling textiles waste. The goal was to discuss what are barriers to scaling up such initiatives and how to develop a waste-sharing platform. Action points we took from the meeting:

  • We created an open facebook group  to keep ourselves informed on future opportunities for circular economy projects. We’ll keep in touch there, and maybe for the future OSCE days we’ll gather a bigger team this way!
  • We’re planning to further compile a database of companies (producers of waste) and potential users of waste to further connect them and facilitate the exchange and transformation of waste materials into development opportunities!

Many thanks to all the participants and the organising team for making the event happen! and also to the OSCE Global development team for providing the platform!



Join us!

Accelerating the circular economy requires concerted action and bringing all stakeholders together into the design, production or making processes.

The Bucharest OSCE Days are an open event that aims to support the development of circular economy projects through participatory design workshops.

Industry representatives, academia, designers, policy makers and innovators are all welcome to share ideas and solutions for prototyping systems, products and designs for an Open Source Circular Economy.


>> Day 1 challenge: Building a cross-sector cooperation platform for the circular economy in Bucharest

  • Debates on why and how we can transform the current economic model with circular economy solutions;
  • Challenge: How can we foster more collaboration on circular economy solutions in Bucharest through cross-sector cooperation platforms like a living lab? Brainstorming on circular economy projects that could be piloted as next steps.
  • Among the confirmed participants:

-> Join the conversation on this workshop’s theme here.

> Day 2 challenge: Demonstration workshop for using textile waste as a resource.

  • Mini-gallery of textile up-cycling ideas and projects – to promote current practices;
  • Display of textile waste samples  – to stimulate ideas of what they can be transformed into;
  • Workshop with industry people and designers/makers – to facilitate joint work for up-cycling;

We already have confirmations from textile industry companies part of the Romanian Textiles Concept Cluster and designers and makers from Merci Charity Boutique, Reciclare Creativa, Molcush, Skinny Bunny, Designers for Kids and OKO! Raul Pop from ECOTECA will also join the debate!

-> Join the conversation on the workshop’s theme here.

-> To prepare for the 10 June workshop, if you are an interested designer, maker or entrepreneur, please complete our survey of ideas here by 5th of June.


Register here by 8 June!

We’re looking forward to receiving your ideas on how to improve cooperation in the circular economy at the form above!

You can also interact with us on the Facebook event page!

Participation at OSCEDays Bucharest is free of charge and will be documented online. We will ask all participants to share their notes and what they are learning. We would be grateful for help with photo-making or communicating the results of the event with other communities.

It’s not too late to help and be part of the co-organizers team, so if you want to help write to Laura –  laura.g.roman (@) gmail.com or Roxana rovodo (@) gmail.com!

Partners in organising the event are the Center for Innovation in Local Development (CRIDL), the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest (ASE),  NOD Makerspace, La firul ierbii, the Romanian Textile Concept Cluster and ARCUB. Snacks will be provided by Șugăraș

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