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Check the Cairo tag on the platform for more info about the challenges

Call for Challenges

Are you working on an initiative/project/idea related to a circular economy

– producing less waste, maybe including techniques like precycling and upcycling?

Are you working on developing open-source hardware or open-source software

– maybe using open-source methodologies?

Or are you working on both: developing products or economies

based on zero waste using open-source techniques?

We are excited to know more about it!

And would like to invite you to share your challenges and ideas

with us in Cairo and with the global OSCE network.

Get Involved

OCSEdays 2015 offer a framework to work together based on challenges.

A challenge is a problem, a project or a task for which we can develop ideas,

build prototypes or create strategies and scenarios.

Your challenge can be addressed in a workshop, hackathon or discussion

– of course you are free to suggest the relevant format.

In only a couple steps you’ll be in:

read how to describe your challenge and post your challenge here.

In Short

  1. Log in to the platform (via Facebook or Email)
  2. Go to our Cairo challenges site
  3. Click on top right ‘+New Topic’
  4. Put your challenge description in the pop-up window
  5. Add the tag ‘challenges’ on the bottom of the pop-up window
  6. Click ‘+Create Topic’ and spread the word ; )


Get in Touch

If you have any questions or need help with getting involved

please don’t hesitate to contact our local organizer:

Hazem Adel via the OSCEplatform @hazem

or via mail hazem.adel@live.com


Ali Zawahry  alizawahry1@gmail.com

Looking forward to working with you!

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