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Reflections on Fix Fest [Part 1]

A few of the OSCEdays community attended Fix Fest a few weeks ago. This was billed as the first festival of repair hosted by the Restart Project, which brought together a community of activists that have been working on repair globally. High profile activists such as Kyle Wiens founder of iFixit, (who we have worked with in the past) Martine Potsma the founder of the Repair Café community, and many members of the global activist repair community attended. Read more

Interview with Thomas Huriez of 1083

Extended interview with Thomas Huriez; Romans-sur-Isere, France; 21 September 2017

I met the team for the first time at the Made in France Salon in Paris, in November 2016. I had the chance to talk to Aurelia De Infanti, Customer Service Manager, and Thomas Huriez, Co-Founder and General Manager, about their company, their challenge of building a value chain localized in France, within a maximum distance of 1083 km (673 mi) from their factory in Romans-sur-Isere. I was pleasantly surprised that Thomas is not only knowledgeable in circular economy and open source product design and manufacturing, but has integrated the principles and practices of open source circular economy in business model and operations. Read more

OSCEdays Call for Cities: Global Event June 8–12, 2017


We invite you to join our global hands-on event exploring Open Source for a sustainable Circular Economy in June 2017: Set up a local event and connect your event with other events across the globe!

The Open Source Circular Economy Days 2017 (OSCEdays) will happen between June 8-12 for the third year in a row.

The event aims to bring together and globally connect creators, experts, activists and innovators from the fields of Read more

OSCEdays Open Labs Nov. 2016 – The Circular City In 2050

OSCEdays is collaborating with the Disruptive Innovation Festival 2016 running Open Labs on the Circular City. In a 3 week program we hope to brainstorm, discuss and implement ACTIONS for the transformtion of our cities.

Visit the subpage to learn about the different phases, follow the progress, watch the Video Streams and to get involved!


In The Time Machine To 2050

The first phase of the lab is dedicated to an open discussion, brainstorming and collection of ideas. Lars contributed to this ‘a missing chapter’ of H. G. Wells The Time Machine written in 1895. It is a chapter about the Circular City and plays Read more

Open House: A Zero Waste Year

Kathryn Kellogg has managed to reduce all the waste she produces in a year to one jar, which is amazing. She writes a zero waste blog called Going Zero Waste and has created a local and global community dedicated to waste reduction, real food and natural living. She was kind enough to send to our OSCEdays particpants excellent adviceon how to achieve zero waste goals at all our 2016 events and every day in what each of us do.



Open House: Why Open Source Hardware is Important to Scientists

Why Open Source Hardware is Important to Scientists

We are delighted to share with all the participants in OSCEdays 2016 a few messages from experts and practitioners in open source and the circular economy, outlining their work, emphasizing the need for collaboration and welcoming you all to an even greater year for the OSCE community.

Allison Mills, science and technology writer and Joshua Pearce, Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, both from MichiganTech in Houghton, Michigan, USA, discuss open source hardware and the future of science.