OSCEdays is a loose group spread across the globe to support the development of an open source circular economy. We might create a formal institution at some point but for now it is just individuals working together from time to time online.


OSCEdays Contact

We are happy if you post your requests on our forum.

Journalists please try this first.

But you can also send us an email, call or send physical mail:


General Inquiry

For general inquiries write to Seigo & Silvia

Silvia Leahu-Aluas: sust46[ät]sustainablemanufacturing.biz

Seigo Robinson: osrobinson[ät]gmail.com | @seigorobinson

Phone (Lars): +49 176 218 65 009

Physical Mail:  Maike Majewski| Brehmestrasse 6 | 13187 Berlin | Germany


Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy