David Li’s vision for OSCEdays in Shenzhen (Video)

In this short video message, David Li from the Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab outlines his vision for the OSCEdays, focused on the area of open source electronics manufacturing and recycling, and introduces us to the open-source-like concepts of ‘gongban’ and ‘gongmo’, which are part of the ethos of manufacture in Shenzhen, the electronics factory to the world.


Check out the Shenzen subpage to see more of what David, Na, Vicky and the rest of the Shenzhen team have planned!

You can find out more about the Shenzhen open innovation system in this article (co-written by David), and for those interested in the relationship between this and open source hardware, I would highly recommend Bunnie Huang’s article ‘From Gongkai to Open Source‘.