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The first Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) happened from June 11th – 15th 2015.

33 cities from 25 countries were involved with local events across the globe discussing, sharing and prototyping an Open Source based Circular Economy.

Naturally, for the way this event was created, there are two types of documentations:


I. IMPRESSIONS & OUTCOMES:  Below you’ll find impressions mostly in the form of links to videos, images, forum topics and documents – a list. There is a mirror of it in the forum where things always can be added.

II. OSCEdays: OPEN SOURCE: The whole event was developed using open source methodology itself, a complete transparent and open workflow. Start with the global OSCEdays READ ME FIRST. – And here is a recipe on: How to develop global OSCEdays15 – A Timeline of Tasks



I. Impressions



Headline & Slider 2015 (Design by Ottilie, cc-by)


OSCEdays Map with the 33 cities by Sam Muirhead; CC-BY-SA



Some of the Outcomes of the 2015 event. Find more in the Forum. And scroll down to see faces and let them tell you the stories.

Biome citizen lab 1

CITIZEN LABS GO CIRCULAR – La Biome in Rennes asked “How to equip a citizen open lab with the circular economy” and created a rich open tutorial.


CIRCULAR TEXTILE MANUAL – The circular textile’s node led by the Berlin community initiated the development of an open circular textile manual.


OPEN SOURCE CIRCULAR ECONOMY PLANTED – Through our first event in 2015, the idea of Open Source as an enabler for a Circular Economy was planted in the global discourse.


BARCELONA – The OSCEdays Barcelona community created and hosted a fantastic local event as well as a superb documentation manual [in Spanish].

crclr lab 3

CRCLR LAB – Local Berlin organizers were invited and supported by the city to kick-start a CRCLR association and a 2000m2 CRCLR lab.

showerloop 2

SHOWERLOOPING – Showerloop is Open Source Hardware. Participating in OSCEdays boosting global awareness of this project and connected it with the global open hardware community.

open energy monitor

LCA & OPEN HARDWARE – Open Energy Monitor is an open hardware company. During the OSCEdays they did an open Life-Cycle-Assessment for their product.


OSCE IN GOVERNMENT – Several events welcomed politicians. The opening ceremony in Shenzhen was attended by the mayor of the city introducing him to the topic of OSCE.

bio digester

BIO DIGESTER – In Mouans-Sartoux the OpenMicroMetha team realised a proof of concept of a biodigester in partnership with a local community space.

Future List

OSCE FUTURE LIST – By listening to the global OSCEdays community in 2015 we could distill a future wish list for an OSCE, to tackle together.

rhizom stage

A STAGE DESIGN – Inspired by their OSCEdays participation 2 stage designers ended up creating a circular theater stage design. 

Founding Meeting

OSCE ASSOCIATION – With the success of OSCEdays 2015 the energy was there to build an association to foster OSCE beyond an annually global event.




Live City Video Interviews.

The Global Reporting Team made live-streamed interviews with 24 cities during the event. The videos differ in quality, a lot suffer from instable wifi-connections. There is value in all of them! We point 6 out to you (marked with (*)). Those (also) combine the criteria: stable connection/video, inspiring or surprising thoughts about Open Source & Circular Economy and sparkling enthusiasm for the OSCEdays community and the future of it.°


Video Messages From Experts

We had prerecorded video messages from experts sent to the OSCEdays community. Each day one was published in the Blog. And they are still very highly recommended – videos made to watch!°

Streamed Talks & Roundtables

We had a live-streamed talks with high-level experts from all over the world, mostly thanks to Gien Varney Wong the local organizer in Cape Town who collected and organized most of this talks in his OSCEdays Cape-Town-Channel. (Gien is in the 3 picture from the left interviewing people.)°


I have seen much more video scrolling by during and after the event. Anything that should be added? Share the links or files here.°


Reports from after & before

Erica Talks

Here is a little talk about the OSCEdays Erica gave in October 2015

Sam Talks

Here is a Pecha Kucha Talk (6 min/20 slides) Sam gave in May 2015 explaining the ideas and motivations of the upcoming OSCEdays.


Here is an one hour talk about the OSCEdays mission, event and plans at the DIF Festival in Nov 2015 by Sam M. & Lars Z.




Working on Challenges is the center of the OSCEdays 2015. And documenting is key. The forum we set up for the OSCEdays allows to share challenges and collaborate on them publicly. Over time an ongoing body of knowledge can be built and connect a global community. For the first edition of the OSCEdays the forum came late, we switched it on 2 months before the event. For many local organizers this was a bit late. So not all published their challenges in the forum. But till today (June 21, 2015) 102 challenges are published in the forum coming from over 10 cities in 4+ languages. Follow the Challenge tag!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-21 um 21.13.48Screenshot of the Forum, June 21st, 2015


#OSCEdays @Twitter

Looking at the hashtag #OSCEdays on Twitter during the days was a quite exciting experience! Tweets with all kinds of interesting statements, images and incredible enthusiasm coming from all over the world. Awesome! How to filter tweets to present here without having a too subjective choice? Maybe we’ll come up with a solution soon 🙂

Follow @OSCEdays



2015 Website (still on: – might change soon)

Full Design-Ressources of the OSCEdays 2015: in the OSCEdays Cloud Folder | On the Webpage (incomplete, link might break)

Participation Guide and Call for local Organizers OSCEdays 2015: In the Forum | On the Webpage (Link might break or text will be updated)


Mission Statement Open Source Circular Economy

 OSCEdays Banner in the streets of Shenzhen, China, photos by Vicky Vie, Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab




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Involved Organizations

And here some of the organizations involved in 2015:

Open It Agency

OPENiT Agency


Future Of Waste

Future of Waste


Technical Nature

Technical Nature


OKFN fiOKFN Finland






Makea Tu Vida


Jerry DIT lg

Jerry DIT




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Le Biome








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