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Building the Open Source Circular Economy Days comes with some costs to cover. We need to host our infrastructure like the website, our own cloud, the forum, to create graphic-design and documentation and a lot more. Your donation helps us to push the project and make it a bit more sustainable.

We hope to set up a formal entity in the future. But for now please send your donations directly to Lars who will use the money to cover all current costs for the infrastructure, legal advise for the founding of the formal entity and administration.

There are two ways for your donation:

1. Direct donation via SEPA TRANSFER
2. Direct donation via PAYPAL

Which way ever you prefer we are very grateful for your support and/or interest.




A direct transfer works best for because 100% of the money arrives at OSCEdays. We are very happy also about a monthly donation. This allows to plan ahead and engage in more complex endeavors. Please add to the transfer the remark “DONATION OSCEdays”.

Transfer details:

Please request the bank details via email.

Thank You.




PayPal-Logo-300x83Paypal works well. 3 to 4 % of each donation gets lost in the transfer but Paypal works across the globe in the majority of countries. You can use this – DIRECT LINK – or the donate button below.



and for making a global Open Source Circular Economy grow.