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The values of applying Open Source methodologies  

Philips Global I’s welcomes you to the Open Source Circular Economy Day on Friday the 12th of June, from 15:00 till 18:00, at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven!

During this day, we will focus on the values of applying Open Source methodologies for large companies such as Philips and explore how we can effectively implement Open Source methodologies to accelerate the Circular Economy.

The Speakers

The Open Source Circular Economy Day will feature Markus Laubscher, Program Manager of Circular Economy at Philips Group Sustainability, who will share his expertise on the Circular Economy. Our second speaker, Peter Troxler, Board member of the International FabLab Association, will explain more about the values that can be unlocked with the implementation of Open Source methodologies. Our final speaker, Laurens Schuurkamp, Data Visualisation Designer at Philips Design, will define examples of Open Source within Philips.

The Challenges

This will be a great opportunity to learn from the experts and from each other, as you will be sharing your knowledge and experiences during the Open Source Circular Economy challenges. These challenges consist of three different categories, namely:

  • Open Source Design
  • Open Source Hardware
  • Open Source Software

Together with the other attendees, you will be working in groups to map out the opportunities and roadblocks that lie ahead while accelerating the Circular Economy through Open Source. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to meet our experts and other attendees for a Friday evening drink!


Register now for your attendance at the Open Source Circular Economy Day. Send an email to with “I’m attending” and you will receive a confirmation of your attendance with more information about the program and location of this event. The closing date for registrations is Thursday, the 11th of June.

For any further questions or inquiries, you may also send an email to

See you on Friday the 12th of June for our Open Source Circular Economy Day!


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