Frank O’Connor: Changing the World Through Sharing (Video)

Here is a video message to the OSCEdays community from Frank O’Connor, founder of Everyone… Agency and the Eco Design Center in Cardiff – in this video he outlines his vision for a more collaborative, sharing-focused future, and offers some words of inspiration and encouragement to participants of the OSCEdays.

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Change the world through sharing

Hello everyone.

My name is Frank and I’m based in Cardiff (Wales, UK).

I’m delighted to get this opportunity to speak to you.

My passion is environmental, social and cultural change.

I believe that we need to un-break habits conditioned through education, society and our past.

I have been tackling circular economy related challenges since 1988.

I am particularly motivated to help others be the change they want.

My current priorities include overconsumption, our disconnected society and inequality which I feel are not being addressed sufficiently under the CE.

I’m particularly concerned with the ongoing conditioning of society to over-consume leading to more and more environmental and social problems.

A culture that is also contributing to a clear disconnect between people and this great planet we live in.

I love the idea of flattening society’s structures, removing hierarchies giving everyone an equal voice and equal access.

This talk discusses one step that I believe we can all take immediately.

A step that will very quickly lead to radical changes in overconsumption, our disconnected society and inequality.

That step is to share more.

To share ourselves & share our goods.

So this talk is very much a plea to share.

Why this focus on sharing?

Sharing is a not a new concept.

In fact sharing has always been a key fabric of our society.

And I’ve long believed that sharing leads to abundance.

I believe the more we share the more we have.

I believe that the more we share the more we free ourselves up to grow and develop as well as come up with new ideas.

In fact I see sharing as the ultimate empowerment.

And there is a lot we can share.

We can share: Data, Viewpoints, Expertise, Goods, Behaviour, Networks, Communication, Values, Energy & Time

So for example, sharing products can reduce consumption.

Sharing energy can reduce inequality.

And the whole process of sharing can help us reconnect with each other and our wonderful planet.

I believe that sharers should lead by example through sharing openly, transparently and unreservedly.

In openly sharing trust is key: from self-trust through to societal trust.

To support this process we require new business models that facilitate sharing.

Business models that prioritise a move away from individual ownership to access for all.

We also require radically different education systems that enable human potential through igniting our passions, building confidence, freeing our minds and empowering us.

We also require a whole new form of governance that rejects this current culture of self-interest, greed and irresponsibility.

But what can we do now to help create this sharing environment.

I propose that we need to change ourselves.

To start this process of change I suggest we all take a few minutes after this talk to decide on something they we can openly share during the OSCE.

And then every week for the immediate future we continue to share one thing new.

And then observe where this leads.

I’m convinced that positive results will follow.

In fact my theory is that this process will lead to wide scale abundance.

To conclude my plea is to get out of our comfort zones and construct a new future where sharing became the norm where we value people, planet, activities and time.

As Leo Tolstoy once remarked everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves.

Best of luck. Have fun.

Thank you for listening. Thanks for the opportunity to speak.

In the wise words of Gandhi, ‘be the change’