cITY-HelsinkiHiREsWelcome to the OSCEDays Helsinki website! Tervetuloa Kansalaisten Kiertotalouspäivä!

The main event will take place on saturday June 13th 2015, from 12.00 to 18.00, in Tiivistämö, Suvilahti.

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It is an open event that collects makers, designers, hackers and enthusiasts together to share knowledge, demonstrate their ideas and create new projects on the spot. Please join one or more of the different workshops that will be held during the day!


Welcome talks Organizers + Sitra

Santtu Vekkeli: Open Bug Farm

Open Bug Farm is a project to create an out-of-the-box small scale insect farming kit that will allow anyone to start building their own herd of edible bugs.

Cindy Kohtala: The Maker Movement and Circularity

Is the Maker Movement more sustainable than mass production? What are the opportunities – and weak points?

Jaime de Vizcaya: Ecodesign

Jaime will introduce the world of ecodesigning jewellry and accessories.

Jon Sundell: Talks about economy!

Tuure Parkkinen: Miksei markkinatalous jo kierrä?

Monesti tulee mieleen, että materiaalisesti kestävä talous edellyttäis tosi tarkkoja säännöksiä vaikka kierrättämisestä tai elinkaarisuunnitelmista tuotteille.

Mutta jos ympäristöllisillä ulkoisvaikutuksilla (ml. kaatopaikat, niiden viemä tila ja aiheuttamat haitat) sekä luonnonvaroilla olisi oikeat hinnat, se voisi itsessään tehdä kierrättämisestä tai jostain muusta kestävästä jätteiden käsittelytavasta kannattavaa – ilman että tarvitsee sanella ja pakottaa tiettyjä toimintatapoja.

Vois kertoa vähän ulkoisvaikutuksista, Pigoviaanisista haittaveroista ja keinoista huutokaupata tai verottaa luonnonvaroja niin, että niiden todellist kustannukset saadaan niiden hintoihin mukaan

Paula Malleus – Kiertotalous ja materiaalitehokkuus- utopiaa vai todellisuutta

Fashion designer and dressmaker Paula Malleus is a pioneer in using recycled materials and one of the founders of Remake EkoDesign. Her ambition is to scale up the use of used clothing as a raw material for new clothes and create the world first mass production line with re-used fabrics.

Open Mic

Pitch your company, idea, findings or call to action! You have only 2 minutes!

Jam Session

Bring your musical instruments, voice or other talents to the stage and let’s build a party!



12.15 – 15.00 Vaatehuoltoasema | Clothing Care Station Workshop


Don’t know what to do with loose buttons, unraveled wool socks or ripped seams in clothes? Don’t you worry! Vaatehuoltoasema, or Clothing Care Station, is a walk-in workshop by Korjaussarja where you can learn mending, darning, sewing, hemming & repairing. We offer advice, help and support. We have a good range of tools for repairing: a sewing machine, needles, yarns, scissors and some embellishments. All you have to do is get your broken clothes and drop by!

Korjaussarja (Repair Kit) is a collective offering remedy for consumerism hangover. Most importantly, we encourage to love the clothes you already have instead of buying new ones. Take care, maintain, mend, fix and make love!

More information about Korjaussarja here.

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15.00 – 16.00 KIDS workshop: Make your own baseball cap from upcycled felt


In this workshop Jaime De Vizcaya & Yuan Long from 2.Elämä Design shows the kids how to make their own animal cap from upcycled industrial felt.

More information about 2.Elämä Design:

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12.15 – 14.00 Fairphone Urban Mining Workshop


This workshop is a hands on introduction to the issues at the heart of both mining and the life cycle of your mobile phone.In the workshop you’ll learn that behind the screen of your mobile phone, lie metals which are produced from over 30 different non-renewable minerals. Fairphone has created a wonderful Urban Mining Manual, which we will be using. It is preferable that you don’t use smartphones for the workshop (rather, non-functioning simple feature phones) as they can possibly be refurbished and sold in a second-hand market, i.e. through the Fairphone Recycling Program. So bring your old phones and let’s start mining!

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 14.30 – 15.3o we<3copper&copper<3us Workshop


Shared lives with minerals (presents, pasts and futures). In this workshop, Mirko Nikolić helps us to write short stories of our interaction with copper through ICT, and speculate on different modes of dependency between mining and information technologies. This is one part of the project we <3 copper and copper <3 us, which experiments with social re-circuiting of the economic chains of data and minerals. Just bring any IT device you use in everyday life. If you are participating in the Fairphone workshop, we will use the same device.

#Copperlove #Ironlove #Tantalumlove #yttriumlove #neodymiumlove #lanthanumlove #iheartcopper #copperheartsme More information:

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12.15 – 15.00 Make your own LED TrashLamp Workshop


Toni will LED the Workshop. All the tools and materials to make an awesome LED lamp will be present, but bringing your own trash / interesting materials could boost your project dramatically!

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12.30 – 14.30 JooSoap Workshop – Making Soap out of used cooking oil

Join Ying-Ju Lin & JooSoap Studio to make eco-soaps out of used cooking oil for household cleaning. Tested and tried technologies/experience from Taiwan since 1996! In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to make eco-soap and the associated environmental+health issues related to this knowledge. We will source some used cooking oil from local restaurants in Helsinki.

More information about Joosoap:

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12.00 – 18.00 Workshop – WASTE FOOD CAFÉ


Get Ready, Steady, COOK! On June 13th Pouyan will be cooking food with ingredients that would have gone to waste. Take on the challenge of improvising recipes or help with chopping and cooking and of course eating this delicious food! See the facebook event for comments etc:

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Let’s try to reduce waste in our event! Bring your own bowl, cups, cutleries, chopsticks, or whatever is easy to carry and can be used by you or others.

June 11 & 12 – Dumpster diving

The food on the event will be made from dumpster-dived ingredients. On the 11 & 12th of June Mikko (FI), Régis (BRA) & Kätlin (EE) will go dumpster diving, but they need your help! Contact them if you wish to go on a dumpsterdiving adventure!

15.00 – 16.00 Circular Jam Making

Caroline Knappers - Jam making

Ever tasted Dandelion jam? This is your chance! At 12.00 we will explore the fields around Suvilahti together to find us a good supply of yellow dandelion flowers. When we’ve harvested a sufficient amount, we’ll process them together (bring scissors!) and transform them into a delicious jam! The more people to pick, the more jam there will be! Remember to bring a jar so you can take your liquid gold home afterwards!


June 10 & 13: ‘Monopoly Hacking’ Game Design Workshop

Ashkan Shabnavard (CAN) will facilitate Monopoly Hacking: Circular Economy Edition. Adopting Monopoly, the classic board game, this hands-on workshop will explore the possibilities of circular economy models through game play. We will change the rules and game conditions with the aim of creating a fun experience demonstrating the dynamics of Circular Economies.

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1st Session: Initial concept development session: Wed June 10th, 18:00 – Viipurinkatu 8

2nd Session: Testing the prototype and further development of game. Sat June 13th, 15:45 – Tiivistämö

16.30 – 17.30 PiggyBaggy Crowdsourcing workshop


In the PiggyBaggy crowdsourcing workshop we will learn what crowdsourcing is through the example of PiggyBaggy’s goods delivery service. We will also explore open source circular economy use cases of a 24h smart container.

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12:00 – 18:00 EnergyUP – Social Energy application demo: my energy data


Welcome to test out and help us develop a right social energy app for you!

EnergyUP helps you to save by optimizing on your energy use. In addition, it is a social community to help you find out answers and tips to all the questions you have had (or did not know you have) that can support you to become environmentally responsible citizen of today. Just as economy can be circular, energy can be circular, join us to discover more about it!

We are a team of researchers and students from Aalto University, collaborating in the joint EU project CIVIS with 12 other partner universities. In this demo and user tests session, we will allow you to be the first ones outside the university to try out our app prototype. Those of you who take part in our 20min user study will help us develop the right product that you need.

More info on EnergyUP.

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12.00 – 18.00 SHOWERLOOP – The best water-recycling shower in the world


ShowerLoop is a shower filtration system that filters, purifies and loops shower water in real time so you can shower for as long as you want with a minimal impact on the environment. A 10 minute shower consumes 100 litres of water and 3500 Wh for heating energy which is enough energy to charge a smartphone 700 times. The ShowerLoop system decreases water consumption by 90% and heating by 80% compared to a normal shower.

Inventor Jason Selvarajan will present a prototype/proof of concept of the ShowerLoop. His project has been selected for the 2015 edition of the prestigious POC21 Innovation Camp in France. So bring your towel and wash up!

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HELSIENI – Growing mushrooms on coffee grounds


Helsieni is a circular economy company that produces mushrooms and Do-It-Yourself grow-kits for growing mushrooms from coffee grounds. The materials used for the substrate are 100% locally sourced. In this way Helsieni contributes to a sustainable, local & healthy food ecosystem in Helsinki.

More information on

13.00 – 15.00 PIGGYBAGGY – Crowdsourced goods deliveries


PiggyBaggy is a ridesharing for goods internet service where people deliver goods to each other along their way and get paid for it (or can be totally free). Our 24h smartcontainer  is optimized for crowdsourced deliveries, but it offers a low cost community platform for variety of local services  (local community catalyzer) with flexible access control, and even off-grid cabability. The container will be open to visit between 13.00 and 15.00.

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Sini Majuri – Future lenses

Lenses of the future

In year 2050 the technology engages more closely with living organisms, cells, plants and humans. Future lenses is an art installation that presents prototypes from this decade. The background of the installation is that glass is one of the important key technologies, from which the modern world has evolved. Eyeglasses, microscopes and telescopes have brought the development forward. Even the internet is basically made of glass. In 2050 we might have room for softer technologies that preserve our dreams and the nature for future generations.

The lenses reflect three levels of time: past, present and future. The present moment is a white lens, which screens the the surrounding space transforming it into a dreamlike reflection. The black lens of the future shows the star chart from 2050. The transparent lens of the past perpetuate the annual rings of a tree. Natural light reveals the hidden rings of the glass material. These shadow rings draw up the possible futures that shift in the cycle of the sun.

More information:

Anna Knappe – Two ends of the waste line: East and West

Anna Knappe - Textile Art

East is filmed in Chittagong, Bangladesh, on a textile waste landfill. It is the place where textile scraps and other garment factory leftovers get transported to. West is made in Oslo, Norway, of old bed sheets and clothes donated by private homes and Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Center’s Handicraft Service Näprä.

More information:

Movies and documentaries on circular economy

Playlist to be published soon.


The lounge is a place to relax, eat an insect, meet new people and have a good conversation.

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