OSCEdays History



The Open Source Circular Economy Days started in June 2015 with a global connected event with groups in 33 cities across the globe taking part. A full documentation of this with videos and results can be found here.

The goal of the first event was to kickstart a global discussion about Open Source Circular Economy and gather a global community to start the building of it, which was successfully accomplished.

OSCEdays Slider Date
OSCEdays Design 2015; by Ottilie.CC (Jenni Ottilie Keppler), CC-BY-SA


The experience of the first event was repeated in JUNE 2016 with 73 groups in 73 cities taking part.

OSCEdays Map of the global event 2016 with 73 cities in 40+ countries; by cameralibre.cc (Sam Muirhead), CC-BY-SA


With the lessons learned from the two global events OSCEdays was reinvented and rebuilt. in the second half of 2016 to foster and enable more permanent activities: The OSCEdays brand is now permanently open for everyone to use for local events and communities. The work is now focussed on repeatable ACTIONS that aim to produce an Open Source Circular Economy or make it possible to experience it – we invite ACTION protocol authors from all over the world to add ACTIONS – read our call.

This is now phase two of the OSCEdays project.

The new concept was tested first during a collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation on their Disruptive Innovation Festival. OSCEdays created an Open Labs online event on The Circular City running in parallel. A documentation of this can be found here. 

Open Labs banner by cameralibre.cc (Sam Muirhead), CC-BY-SA


A lot of progress was made and a lot of things were learned – many of it outside of the global event. The global event was smaller in numbers of cities but higher in quality. A consolidation phase. Content over buzz ☺!

The OSCEdays are an open project run transparently by a group of volunteers and enthusiasts. We invite everyone to become a part of it, help us to develop it further and make progress with it. Join us on the global level – learn how with our READ ME FIRST.


Former Stewards

Thank you for your work at the board!

Sam Muirhead

Sam Muirhead @cameralibre

‘A Free/Libre activist and Open Source consultant, Sam promotes the commons through video, writing and experimentation.’

Sam joined the OSCEdays team in the first week! His contributions to the project are incredibly manifold. OSCEdays would be different without him. Thank You Sam.

Jaime Arredondo

Jaime Arredondo @Jaime

‘Economist, Repair activist and Extreme Unicyclist. Co-Founder of OSlantis. Challenging the world to create prosperity in an open, collaborative and circular way.’

Jaime joined OSCEdays in its second year. He contributed beautiful and hard work into our partner strategy building relationships with other organizations. Thank you!


Timothée Gosselin @unteem

‘Former Community Manager at Future of Waste; on his way to create infinite resources.’

Tim is one of the cofounders of OSCEdays and somehow the reason the whole project exists. He helped to inject the spirit of openness and equality into the project. Thx Tim.

Melanie Tan

Melanie Tan

Sustainable Innovation Lead at Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) Singapore. Interested in new areas of value and sustainable business models especially in South East Asia.

Melanie set up a local event in Singapore and joined BoST occasionally to share insights and perspectives on the Circular Economy discourse in South-East-Asia. Thanks.

Erica Purvis @TechnicalNature

Engineering Sustainable Impact through Design – Combining a TechnicalNature with human insight and creativity

Erica is one of the cofounders of the Open Source Circular Economy Days shaping the project with insight and care from the start. She did countless things for example acting as our first Twitter Person engaging over 1000 followers in the first months. But there was a lot more she did (and is still doing quietly behind the curtains.)

Johnny Kerkhof  @JayKay

University Teacher, Entrepreneur & Activist. Enabling the next generation
of talents to help shape a sustainable, circular economy.

Entering OSCEdays as a local organizer in Nijmegen 2015 and 2016 Johnny participated for more than a year in the board giving advise and connecting OSCEdays to new partners.

Julia Perera @JuliaP

Berlin based fashion design student at HTW. Sustainability is key for truly beautiful fashion! She is also promoting fair trade.

Based in Berlin Julia was always ready to support the local Berlin OSCEdays and also the global OSCEdays when help was urgently needed. She conducted a lot of the interviews in the global video reporting 2015 and helped with communication on social media.

Jose Urra @Jose.Urra

Open Source Hardware enthusiast and activist Jose Urra served on the board always trying to push OSCEdays to make more tangible impact and act faster. His energy is well remembered. Thank you Jose!

Maike Majewski @transitionmaike

Translator/ Educator/ Coach. (Co)founder of Transition Town Pankow, *Leila–sharing shop, Cyceloo. Acitivist for community empowerment and sustainability.

Maike is a famous german sustainability and commons activist. She joined OSCEdays with a lot of energy, smartness, enthusiasm and readiness to tackle important but for some unpleasant issues ;-). She might return to the board at some point and we are looking forward to it! Thank you very much Maike.




Last Updated: January 2018