June 11 – 15, 2015                                                                                            



Welcome to Indy’s Open Source Circular Economy Days 2015!

We are happy to explore with you the creative, open, shared, practical and immediate ways in which we can mainstream the circular economy. The future of work is open source, collaborative, aiming to serve the common good and sustainable living. The future of work is one in which we trade globally and freely ideas, projects, knowledge, while making and using things locally.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       What is the circular economy?

Here is Silvia’s definition: circular economy is an industrial model designed and managed around circular flows of renewable, long-lasting, high value, low carbon, low entropy, low waste, non-toxic resources, products and processes. It is the systemic solution for a sustainable advanced economy, operating within and not against natural processes and the Earth’s capacity to support life in all its diversity. It aims to have a positive impact and optimal performance on all three sustainability dimensions: society, environment and economy. What is your definition? Let’s discuss it together at an Indy event and with the OSCE global community.





     1. Design and Prototyping in the Circular Economy


Welcome and Company Introduction

Indianapolis at OSCE Days 2015

What is the Open Source Circular Economy

How to Design and Prototype in the Open Source Circular Economy

Project Demo


Host: Impressive Prototypes LLC

Location: 1345 Brookville Way, Suite J, Indianapolis, IN 46239

Date: June 11th, 2015

Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Contact: Kyle Squillace, Project Manager

Tel: 317-536-7501

Please note that due to the limited space and the visit on the production floor,

you need to contact Silvia or Kyle to register and participate in Challenge 1.


  2. Bio-Based Materials, Energy and Water in the Circular Economy

We will explore the emerging bio-based economy and walk through some
of the best raw material inputs for industrial scale change. From hemp to mushrooms,
nature provides the sustainable solutions industry is looking for.
We will also discuss the use and re-use of energy and water in industry-farming symbiotic networks.

Open discussion moderated by Silvia and Brandon

Location: The Speak Easy, 5255 N Winthrop Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46220

Date: June 12th, 2015

Time: 5:30  – 7:30 pm





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Leaders in Energy

We invite you to attend our challenges or to create your own.

Please register and participate in the community exchange on the OSCE Forum.



Silvia Leahu-Aluas, Consultant


Sustainable Manufacturing Consulting

Brandon Pitcher, CEO

Hemp Circle Industries LLC



Image courtesy of Jimmy Baikovicius Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0