Jerry DIT

In this series we introduce you to projects, initiatives and companies interesting for or interested in an Open Source Circular Economy. This one is about Jerry DIT (Do It Together).

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JERRY DIT 2015 wishes card

Jerry Do It Together is a global community-based initiative that aims at making information technology more accessible to the masses. Methodologies & Inspiration are shared online to empower collectives of citizens to build their own digital infrastructure.

The community JerryClan gathers the contributors of Jerry DIT. Their free tool is Jerry, the IT infrastructure made out of reused materials, powered by Free Software & built as a team. Each Jerry is unique because he answers a specific need, and is co-designed by his users. As a totem for the Commons, Jerry is dedicated to helping local initiatives.

Deconstruction, Hacker Ethics & P2P principles inspire this decentralized movement. So far, more than 100 Jerrys have been built in 12 countries, mostly in French speaking Western Africa.


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IMG by Romain Chanut, CC-BY-SA