Kyle Wiens: Making Products Last (Video)

In this video specially made for OSCEdays, Kyle Wiens of iFixit explains the importance of sharing information on how products are made, taken apart, and repaired – to increase the lifespan of products, reduce waste and slow the tempo of our throwaway linear economy. As well as telling iFixit’s story, he also outlines his open design challenge for companies to build repairability into their products and design for the longest possible lifespan, an important step along the road to a circular economy.

iFixit is a fantastic initiative focused on publicly releasing the information required to repair products (whether the manufacturer wants it released or not!). They provide clear, detailed, step-by-step guides to enable anybody to get inside their devices, no matter their technical background. All the guides are free-of-charge and available to download, edit, and share with friends, meaning not only can products last longer, but an ever-growing community of people can gain self-confidence, agency and understanding of the products and systems they interact with.