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Open Source Circular Economy Days – 2016 Maastricht

June 10th – June 13th 2016-04-15

We are pleased to welcome you to the first ever Open Source Circular Economy Days organized in Maastricht.

What is it?

The Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCE Days) is an open, distributed and globally connected event happening in more than 40 cities around the world.

Based on the principle of a circular economy, the event aims to create new ideas and concepts that solve sustainability challenges, eliminate waste and creating a more sustainable, environmentally friendly economy.

A Circular Economy is one that works without waste, saves resources and is in sync with nature. As opposed to a linear economy, the end-of-life concept of a product is replaced by an innovative solution that avoids waste and allows for the reuse of the product or its return to the biosphere.


What is Open Source??

Open Source is a successful collaboration method for developing software, hardware and design. It is based on transparent (and often distributed) development, and the open sharing of files and solutions.


What is Circular Economy??

Circular Economy is the concept of a truly sustainable economy that works without waste, saves resources and is in synergy with the biosphere. Rather than seeing emissions, byproducts, or damaged and unwanted goods as ‘waste’, in the circular economy they become raw material, nutrients for a new production cycle.


Open Source Circular Economy

We believe that a sustainable, waste free, circular economy needs transparency, open access to information and open source solutions. We believe that with Open Source, a Circular Economy is possible.

Can You Help Solve a Challenge?

Are you passionate about the circular economy? Do you have a circular economy challenge or project idea you would like to work on? Would you like to use an open source approach to work on it? Or simply join an innovative and FUN workshop tackling sustainability issues?

We are gathering motivated and interesting ideas, project, organizations and individuals active in the field of sustainability, circular economy, open source methods, or environmental protection to participate with us in an open collaborative environment with the goal to help find solutions to the various challenges that arise.

In the case that you are already looking to tackle one problematic, we invite you to post a #Challenge# on the OSCE days forum before the event. Otherwise, if you have no particular challenges, you are welcome to join and help find solutions for other people’s challenges.



  • Friday 10th of June : Talks by entrepreneurs, professors, foundations and companies

Capucijnenstraat 122
6211 RT


  • Saturday the 11th & Sunday the 12th of June  : Innovators weekend

Saturday at

Capucijnenstraat 122


Sunday atcropped-werkhuis-logo1

President Rooseveltlaan 213


Monday the 13th : Workshops

location to be announced shortly


How else can I get involved?

We are looking for sponsors and partners to help keep this event free so that we can equitably involve as many community members as possible. If you are interested in volunteering for the event or providing any type of assistance to facilitate the creation of the event, please contact:

Adrian Poher – adrianpoher@gmail.com


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