The Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCE) is a global, distributed, diverse event exploring and promoting the Open Source Circular Economy. Where we refer to if we speak about the Open Source Circular Economy, you can read here.

Who we are@Johnny_Kerkhof, @Gijs_Konings, @JMReijven@Manon

Johnny Kerkhof

responsible for 30 bright students from the Radboud University Honours Academy in Nijmegen who are solving real world problems as part of their assignments – passionate about mobilizing the youth to speed up the transition towards a more Circular modus of production – searching for an Open Source solution to this wickedly complex problem – want to help build that future!

Gijs Konings

bachelor/undergraduate student Human Geography, Planning and Environment – active in a multidisciplinary think tank which approaches circular issues on both local and global scale – eager to learn about circular initiatives and solutions around the world – with my fresh knowledge on human geographical matters such as globalization and outsourcing ready for a new future in which the economical mindset has to change to become a more circular society – no more linearity but circularity!

Manon Schenkels

bachelor/undergraduate student Natural Sciences – active in think tank focused on circularity and the sharing economy – thinks the system needs to change at organizational level but small steps by the individual are needed to direct the enforcers in the right direction to make the change.

Joni Reijven

bachelor/undergraduate student political science and economics – active in think tank focused on circularity and the sharing economy – mainly inspired by new business models, alternative economic systems, social and philosophical changes, and different lines of thinking.

What will the OSCE Nijmegen event look like


First event time & date:

June 11th, time 19:00 – 22:30 CEST


Gebroeders van Limburg zaal in Stadhuis Nijmegen

Korte Nieuwstraat 6

6511 PP Nijmegen

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On the 11th of June 2015, we will host the first event for OCSE Nijmegen. That evening, an openly shared and supported event will take place. On one hand, the focus will be on gathering ‘’problems’’ from both citizens and institutions in Nijmegen concerning the circular economy, waste- and resource management, the collaborative economy, open source hardware, and what else, and, on the other hand, citizens and innovators exchanging and suggesting circular solutions to these problems. We will collect as makers, designers, creatives, and other enthusiasts as a collective open source thinkthank. We will also connect online with OSCE London (Technical Nature) and speak about their challenge. Join the collective, open source discussion with a.o. Erick Wuestman (Foundation Circular Economy) and Rob Jetten (councillor and chairman D66 Nijmegen).

Rob Jetten – Regional Manager at ProRail and D66 Group Chairman at the Nijmegen City Council.

”In May 2015, I’ve participated in the ‘Nudge Circular Cities Explores Europe’ Tour. Our goal was to make various forms of circular economy tangible and inspiring to a wide audience and to engage young future leaders. Find out more about the Tour here”.

Erick Wuestman – Value engineer, architect, organizational change agent, and chairman of the Foundation Circular Economy

”I am a communicator and use diverse situations for an open dialogue. As having a background as an interior designer, architect, and organizational change agent,  I am always look for imaginative, and innovative, solutions. If you want to read more about my work in the circular economy, read it here”.

On the 15th of June 2015, we will host the second event – the Circular Economy in Delta East – for OCSE Nijmegen. Different speakers will give their vision and opinion on the circular economy in the region Arnhem-Nijmegen. What does the Circular Economy actually mean? And why is it such a smart idea? What steps can we undertake in the region to build a circular economy? Come listen to the pioneers in the field of the circular economy who are attached to the Radboud University. The pioneers in the field are, a.o. Arnoud Lagendijk (professor Economic Geography), Toine Smits (Institute for Science, Innovation and Society), and Hanneke Beld (Iewan, Strowijk Nijmegen).

Second event time & date:

June 15th, time 18:30-21:30 CEST


Room HG00.071 in Huygensgebouw

Heyendaalseweg 135

6525 AJ Nijmegen

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We need YOU!

If you are already passionate about open source and the circular economy, join us on the 11th of June in the collective open source thinktank or on the 15th of June in the colloquium meeting at the Radboud University. You can also join the discussion online.


For any specific questions or ideas about the Nijmegen event contact Gijs Konings at



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