Open Call For Participants – OSCEdays Writers Weekend No1

(en español)

We are excited to invite you to the first OSCEdays Writers Weekend. This is

a two-day collaborative online event dedicated to documenting circular economy solutions.

Do you have an interesting project or idea, or have knowledge that helps people across the globe to get on the road and experiment, play with or implement a circular economy solution? And you always wanted to document it properly to share it and start collaboration across the globe? Join us for our 48 hour documentation jam!

The weekend will be an experiment in itself. We will connect through various channels (chat and video) to share ideas, results, progress and to support each other.

All of the contributions will be promoted throughout the OSCEdays community – for example to inspire local event organizers for their local events during the 2017 global OSCEdays event.

Join us. Start to

document > connect > collaborate. : – )

Here is the full program of the weekend.