OSCEdays First Meeting in London

The Renewable Freedom Foundation (RFF) is a fantastic organisation that “aims to protect and preserve civil liberties, especially in the digital landscape.“

They contacted the OSCEdays and asked how they could help. For us this was a really inspirational and great gesture. And so, with the support of the RFF it was possible for the 5 people who started the OSCEdays (and worked hard since November to make it happen) to meet – for the first time in the atom world! smile

So, off to London! Sharon, Erica, Sam, Tim and Lars.

First stop was the London Fab Lab, where we took part in The Great Recovery’s Fab Fridays event on Circular Textiles.

After that 3 of us visited Bram from Wevolver at the Makerversity, and discussed documentation approaches for open source hardware and the OSCEdays.

wevolver makerversity 1

wevolver makerversity 2wevolver makerversity 3

Some InMoovs getting printed at Makerversity

We had announced a public meeting for Friday night so that local OSCEdays enthusiasts, friends and partners could join us, and many did! We met at a pub and were joined by a lot of great people, 20 + people, an impressive gathering.


The picture is too dark, but if it were brighter you could see Alastair Parvin (Wikihouse), Thomas Dietz (Founder of FabLab Barcelona) & Tristan Copely Smith (Open Source Beehives, Aker) on this one. And this is just a sample! of the community.

After a great night, Saturday was dedicated to work! We planned the next steps for this year’s event and, very importantly, talked about the future of the OSCEdays.

Through our discussions we somehow fell in love with the idea to build a foundation, using the energy generated with this OSCEdays event to build a long-term structure to foster, support and push a global community for Open Source Circular Economy. We will soon explore this further and include the community in its development. Stay tuned.


In the garden after lunch, with spade!


Drawings from the wall

In the late afternoon we went out for a walk. For me – Lars – this was my first trip to London ever and Sharon, Erica and Páidí made sure, that I/we all saw something from the city and gain a good impression. And we all had the time to get to know each other better.

Ivy House, Nunhead, SE15 - by Ewan Munro (Flickr), CC-BY-SA _small

The Ivy House, in Nunhead, South London

This Pub – The Ivy House in Nunhead South London – was about to close down, but the community got organized and bought it. Now it is run by the community – more then 100 people hold shares in it! While we were there, there was a birthday party for some kids and some locals enjoying their early evening beers. A community run pub – very fitting for the OSCEdays.

On Sunday, Sam joined the Edgeryders & unMonastery community for a valuable discussion on community stewardship.

Then the team met for some discussions at the Southbank Centre (Royal Festival Hall)  a structure that really impressed me.

Thursday Trafalgar Sq and back_0031, by Julie Kertesz. CC-BY-NC-ND

Royal Festival Hall, London - by Stephane Goldstein (Flickr), CC-BY-ND

Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Center

The Southbank Centre is (next to a lot of other things) huge rooms and halls that are just open to the public, everyday, to meet, discuss, study or to hang out. There is free wifi and cafés and culture around … open, always! A great lesson from a culture that has been the cradle of modern European democracy and inspirational for the OSCEdays too!

And I was lucky, I also got to see Buckingham Palace. And on the way there, we came across the London marathon, so also some touristic experiences were made.

London marathon

On Sunday afternoon, Sam and I flew home to Berlin. Full of impressions and ideas! Let’s rock it!

Thanks again to Moritz and the RFF to have made this happen! We are looking forward to an ongoing and inspiring collaboration!

IMG CREDITS: All pictures by OSCEdays Team, CC-BY except: The Ivy House, by Ewan Munro, CC-BY-SA; Thursday Trafalgar Sq and back_0031, by Julie Kertesz. CC-BY-NC-ND ; School Unplugged at Royal Festival Hall – by Tony Hall, CC-BY-ND; Royal Festival Hall, London – by Stephane Goldstein, CC-BY-ND