OSCEdays Open Strategic Framework Sessions 2017

The OSCEdays Board of Stewards has been working together with some community members on a new strategic framework for the OSCEdays community, through a few dedicated workshops and a topic on the forum for engaging the whole community:


Our main goals in refining the initial strategic framework are:

  1. Agree on what OSCEdays will look like in 2022 and how we will get there.
  2. Increase our positive impact at local and global level thorough practical, scalable solutions.
  3. Ensure that the Open Source Circular Economy concept is well-defined and understood, thus increasing its chance to make strong impact in the competition of ideas and practices for the replacement of the current mainstream economic model.
  4. Agree on the changes we want to make happen towards a sustainable world.
  5. Accelerate our momentum as time is running short in solving the wicked problems humanity has created for itself and the Earth’s life supporting systems

As we approach the end of 2017 and are planning our wrap-up session in order to be ready to implement the new strategic framework at the beginning of 2018, we would like to have as many contributions as possible from the OSCEdays community and the world community at large. Please use the forum or comments on this blog to offer us your thoughts. We would like to hear in particular Input on:

VALUES – What values should drive the OSCEdays community?

OUTCOMES & OUTPUTS – What outcomes and outputs should the OSCEdays community go for?

DEFINITION – What is the “Circular Economy” definition of the OSCEdays?

related also: 

DIAGRAM – Do we need an OSCE-diagram/visual? And how could it look like?

Thank you very much for your input.