Hi all!

We are an open wide community and an Open Biomimicry FabLab called Le Biome based in Rennes, France.

“What is Biomimicry ? ” Your question exactly :

Biomimicry is a new approach, a new philosophy, consisting in studying Nature, animals, plants, ecosystem, micro organisms, to develop new  technologies. We learn from it then to create new materials, processes and innovative strategies less pollutants, nature-friendly, recyclabe and with a better quality and at lower costs.  Because Nature and Biodiversity already answered a lot of problems faced by humanity today !

And because circular economy is deeply linked with Biomimicry, Nature has been using it since the beginning, we are thrilled to take part in the OSCE days !

We decided to equip ourselves as much as possible in an open source/DIY way. Obviously we re-use waste, but we also attach great importance to eco and sustainable design, economy of functionality and especially re-enriching the biosphere.

During the OSCE days, as a new open lab and circular economy addicts, we’ll try to give an answer to the following question:

  How to equip and manage a citizen open fablab using circular economy principles?

Before and during the OSCE days, we will try to solve this challenge by answering first the following questions: What is a lab? What does a lab need? How can a lab work with circular economy? How to bring and maintain circular economy into a lab? And we need you to do so! We think that collaboration and sharing take also a big part in the OSCE days and we want it to take such a place in our challenge. By developing open source solutions together, we will provide a response to problems much bigger than ourselves.

And hopefully, this challenge will also serve many others open community, lab, people, interested in circular economy, that are wondering the same. We’ll try to use circular economy and nature super powers to re-think, re-built, in a new, innovative and eco-friendly way, the way an usual open lab works. I am sure most of you are already thrilled to get on board with us on this challenge!

So far today, we tried to identify in a most precise way what a lab needs so we can have the best possible start. We already connected with others, OSCE days fans, with their own challenges in two other French cities. We wish to gather a lot of open minded people in order to explore the most possible ways. Everyone is welcome! Spread the word!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to help us and be a part (big or small) of our challenge! Please find below a link to our facebook event, it contains everything you need to know about OSCE Rennes.

Hoping to hear from you !

Team Le Biome

OSCE Days Schedule !

Thursday 11th

-9h-11h : 

Opening Breakfast at Papagayo

10 Rue Maréchal Joffre, 35000 Rennes

Introducing OSCE and our Challenge

Team making and Challenge introduction


Lunch in Town

-14h Onwards:

First workshops launching

Friday 12th


Opening Breakfast

Launching friday’s activities


Lunch in town


Meeting and workshop at our partner “La feuille d’érable” office

1 Rue de la Roberdière, 35000 Rennes


Getting together and happy hour in a nice bar downtown “Fox & Friends”

13 Rue de la Monnaie Rennes

Saturday 13th

-11h :

Challenge check-up


Lunch in a park !

-14h30 onwards:

Prototyping solutions, circular economy talks,

Work on eco-conception, environmental print

-15h30: OSCE world skype call !

Monday 15th

Yet to come !

Here is our booklet “Draft and preparation work for “OSCE Days “
To share a summary gaphique on a cross-over between crowdsourcing and our lab assessment of this challenge

Doc OSCE 1(2) Doc OSCE 2(1) Doc OSCE 3(3) Doc OSCE 4(1) Doc OSCE 5(1) DOC osce 6(2) DOc OSCE 7(1) DOC osce 8(2) DOC osce days 9(1) DOC osce 10(1) DOC OSCE 11

 White Board

If you want to help us in our challenge, you can do so thanks to the link below. Even if it is written fully in french, please don’t hesitate, we would love to have your point of view, remarks, suggestions
OSCE Rennes HackPad




Ingénieur Génie Mécanique, INSA Lyon. L’innovation par la voie du biomimétisme à cœur. La nécessité de redonner sa juste place au génie de la nature et du vivant, de porter un message de partage, d’éducation et de curiosité


Biologie, Aix-Marseille Université, consultant développement durable et économie circulaire, initiateur du projet le Biome. C’est pour prendre un café avec Lavoisier, Darwin et Otto Schmitt que le Biome existe. C’est pour inviter les plus grand nombre  à partager ce café que le Biome vit..


Spécialisée en marketing et développement durable, puis formée par le CEEBIOS en biomimétisme car passionnée par ce que la nature peut offrir. Biomimétisme, c’est pour moi une manière de changer le monde et une opportunité de pratiquer mille disciplines.




Le Biome Website

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OSCE Rennes Facebook Event

Contact Us : lebiomefablab@gmail.com


Our friends and collaborators

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1ère entreprise sociale malgache dans la culture et commercialisation de Spiruline


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footer_logoLa Feuille d’Erable, Entreprise d’Insertion pionnière dans la Récupération et le Recyclage des Papiers en France.




If you want to become a partner yourself, please contact us to learn more about our challenge, to discuss about ideas and activities