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Recycling Point offering professionals all the relevant news, normative updates, and information about innovations and events in the fields of reuse, recycling and green economy. A meeting point for companies and professionals to find partners and develop new business opportunities.

A great way to encourage the cooperation among experts in this field, sharing experience and competences about the so-called circular economy, a topic of increasing relevance.
The circular economy is a self-regenerating production system in which all activities, starting from extraction and production, are managed in such a way that the waste of a process becomes the resource of another process. This kind of economy promotes the use of renewable energy sources, a key factor of sustainability. It also promotes a design of production processes aimed at maximizing the life of products and simplifying the reuse and recycling.



Within the OSCE Days, Recycling Point has decided to propose its own event on CIRCULAR ECONOMY, with a focus on green economy, saving and recycling, with ideas, concepts based on the perspective that knowledge is open and more distributed. The event will see the presence of CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS and SPEECH; all participants will be PLAYERS ACTIVE, will animate the discussion, share ideas and work out solutions. An important brainstorming to seek together the answers to some interesting questions, supported by the presence of EXPERTS who will share their expertise and knowledge.

The speechs will focus on circular economy, sustainable construction, startup and open data.

Some of the topics covered during the event:

Territory narration. 10 years of best practices and reusing. By Davide Ondertoller and Sara Maino (heads of Progetto Portobeseno)

The importance of open data and its interaction and generation within the Internet of Things. By Alessandro Masserdotti (founder of the dotdotdot.it studio)

From Family District to circular economy: a concrete approach to participative collaboration for the creation of social value. By Luciano Malfer (Provincial Agency for the Family) and Michele Cozzio (University of Trento) 

Life cycle in public contracts: a tool for enterprises for competition and environment protection. By Mauro Amadei (founder of multilinesrl.it), Francesca Ierace and Michele Cozzio (University of Trento)

Presentation of “Aquapower” project, data collection through a geo-portal will allow to evaluate, organize and manage the water resources of the territory. By Luca Oss Emer (Advisor to the Board Habitech – Trentino District Technology)

“Trentino Open Data” project. By Francesca Gleria (head of the “Trentino Open Data” project for the Autonomous Province of Trento)

Opportunities in Horizon 2020 to innovative SMEs and Start Up. By Paola Gastaldello

OpenStartup by Progetto Manifattura. Examples of implementation of the circular economy [time for meetings and discussion]




Progetto Manifattura – Rovereto (TN)





Thursday 9 June 2016






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