A resilient society

How would it work?

How could it be?


How would open participatory structures in production change society?

How would Open Source enterprises change the way products are produced and sold? How would open production effect the level of democracy?  How would the relation: producers – consumers evolve?

What potential does Open source have to transit us to a circular economy? How would our production waste change? What structures do we need to create to make a circular economy work? How could allocation of resources be determined in a circular economy?

We intend to process such questions by choosing a year in the future, and develop a fictive local society.

 Join us sharing ideas, develop and explore!


 Welcome to contribute with questions and ideas of what else the OSCE days in Sweden can become.

Forum : http://community.oscedays.org/c/local-teams/stockholm

Organizing OSCED2015 event in Sweden is a part of  the Visutopia project and network   www.visutopia.nu

Teater K    teaterk_logowww.teaterk.nu

  Johnny Karlsson, Anders Nilsson, Julia Fries



Saturday 13th:

The first day we get to know each other and share ideas about the Open Source concept as a production structure.

If you have knowledge of a concept that could be useful in the creation of the fictive society this is when you tell others of that. During the day we can connect with the other OSCE groups around the world that can inspire us.

Sunday 14th:

This day is when we develop the fictive local society. We divide ourselves in groups according to our knowledge and interest, such as food allocation, energy supply, societal participartory structures etc.

At the end of the day we broadcast to the other OSCE groups, from the fictive place in the future.



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