Open Source Circular Economy Days


is a global open project and community about the development and use of open source solutions and methodologies to create a shift to a global sustainable circular economy.






Open Circularity Solutions

OSCEdays is about the facilitation of use and creation of open source circularity resources, solutions and possibilities. Scroll down and check the collection. And contribute to it.



Local Events

Next to our online platform OSCEdays develops around local events that build and implement open solutions. Create a local event in your city! 

Open Source Circular Economy Days is about setting up local events in your city to make your local community use and create open source circularity solutions. Set up an event in your city. Here is how: 



Some open source circularity solutions to implement. Find more on our forum and add yours.


Find an Open Source Business Model for Circular Economy

Build Circularity Based On A Unified Grid

Build machines to recycle plastics locally

‘Make It Circular’ An Open Instruction-Poster On Circular Making

Run workshops to understand, define, make, and release circular innovations

Equip a citizen open lab with circular economy

Make Your Wedding Circular

Repair Smartphones Locally

Pre-Use (Repurpose) – Find Circular Modularity In Your Environment

Hack Your City And Turn It Into A Circular One

Open Micro Methanization: Build A Biodigester

More! Find More On Our Forum & Share Your Own Solution

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