Open Source Circular Economy Days

The  ‘Open Source Circular Economy Days’ was a global campaign and collaboration to kickstart a global discourse and movement that uses Open Source to enable a sustainable Circular Economy.

The core of the project have been 4 global events (2015-2018). Groups from more than 100 cities across the globe participated with local hands on events to discuss, invent and build open source circular solutions. 

The collaboration happened openly on a → public forum (still up). Many resources were created & shared there by a global community. 

The old rich website had many subpages from local events. It’s lost. But some of this can be found → here at the Wayback Machine and → documentation is also available on the forum. Click in!


The project was fostered by an international group of stewards. Thank you → Lars Zimmermann, Erica Purvis, Sharon Prendeville, Sam Muirhead, Timothée Gosselin, Jaime Arredondo, Sylvia Leahu-Aluas, Seigo Robinson, Gien Warney Wong, Ricardo Rugeles, Yiuqing Zhang, Melanie Tan, Johnny Kerkhof, Alice Audrey Grindhammer, Anastasia Nikulina, Maike Majewski, Jose Carlos Urra, Julia Perera
Sponsors & partners came from all across the globe. Some logos can be found at the bottom of → this page.
Illustrations above were made by → Ottilie & Cameralibre, the photos are from the → local Berlin event 2017
Thank you to the global community that made this project as impactful and fun as it was!


And now