Open Source Circular Economy Days

The Open Source Circular Economy Days was a global campaign and collaboration to kickstart a global discourse and movement that uses and promotes Open Source as an enabler for a sustainable Circular Economy.

The core of the project have been 4 global events (2015-2018). Groups from more than 100 cities across the globe participated with local events to discuss, invent and build open source circular solutions. 

Visit Events → Documentation 2015, → Event Page 2016 + beyond

The collaboration on the project happened openly on a → public forum (still up). Many resources were created & shared there by local groups or the global board.


The project was fostered by an international group of people (scroll down to meet them → here ), sponsored and supported by many different organisations and companies (scroll down for some → here ) and made interesting by hundreds of local organisers (see old event subpages ↑ or city categories → on  our forum). Thanks for playing everyone!